Paid-up Life Insurance. Only Make One Single Premium Payment.

While many people who purchase life insurance will pay their premiums on either an annual or a monthly basis, there are other options for premium payments – options that can not only alleviate you from paying for coverage long-term, but can also help you to build up cash in the policy much more quickly. This can be done via the single pay life insurance policy option also known as paid-up life insurance. The only way to get a single pay life insurance quote is by getting a quote from an agent. You can not get this type of quote online. We have a custom quote form below – which will allow us to start gathering quotes on your behalf – to find you the best singe premium life policy available. Then we will email the illustrations directly to you.

What is Single Premium Life Insurance?

Single premium life insurance is defined as an insurance policy in which a lump sum is paid up front in order to guarantee a death benefit payment to the policy’s beneficiary (or beneficiaries). As its name implies, single premium life insurance policies will only require one single premium in which to have the policy be paid-up – and because these plans are instantly fully funded, the cash that is invested is able to build up much more rapidly.

How Single Premium Life Insurance Works?

With a single premium life insurance policy, the amount of the death benefit will be dependent upon the amount of premium that is deposited, as well as the age, gender, health, and life expectancy of the insured. Just like with other types of life insurance coverage, there are some single premium life insurance policies that also offer living benefits. These can provide policy holders with a way to access a percentage of the policy’s death benefits during life in order to pay for expenses such as a medical or long-term care need.

Types of Single Pay Life Insurance

A single premium whole life insurance policy will pay a fixed amount of interest on the funds that are in the cash value component of the policy.
A single premium universal life insurance policy provides both a death benefit and an investment component, which may provide more growth options than the minimum guaranteed rate on a whole life plan.

Variable Life Insurance

Single premium variable life insurance allows policy holders to choose from a variety of different professionally managed sub-accounts. This can provide funds with the opportunity for additional growth, however, can also be more risky due to market exposure.

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