Need a 20 year term life insurance policy?

A 20 year term life insurance policy is a life insurance policy that lasts for 20 years. Term policies offer level premiums, which means you will lock in your premiums for 20 years once you qualify and are approved for the policy.

You have a few different options when choosing a 20 year term policy.

A fully underwritten policy that requires a medical exam
A simplified underwritten option that does not require a medical exam
We created a one of kind quote engine, it automatically shows you the best rates from the top no exam life policies and fully underwritten policies. Botley Life Agents is the only life insurance agency with this technology.

We show you the top rates from every company, side by side, which will save you the hassle of trying to find a better rate by going site to site. Filling out a quote form on multiple sites is the worst way to shop for life insurance.

Once you’ve run your quotes and found a policy you like, then you need to find out what the guidelines are to qualify for it. Every life insurance company will have different underwriting guidelines and your health and other factors will determine if you qualify.

Helping you determine if you qualify before you apply takes a skilled agent. That’s where we come in. It’s our mission to save you time and money on term life insurance.

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